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Jo Corless - Wivelsfield spacer Chris Underhil
Ginkgo Garden Solutions worked initially on our garden during the summer last year, cutting the lawn and trimming the borders (it's the best the lawn has looked in the 10 years we have lived here) and more recently constructed a willow panel fence to provide extra screening.

Mark is very hardworking conscientious chap and we are absolutely delighted with the work he has done for us. Just as the website says, Ginkgo Garden Solutions really do provide quailty service and communication.

Thank you Mark, we are loooking forward to you working in our garden again during 2012.
Thank you for sorting out our outdoor jungle. It is now extremely tidy garden and you have delivered exactly what was asked for (that being an easily manageable outdoor area that requires little or minimum effort to maintain regardless of the time of year). Also, we no longer have the neighbors looking into the overgrown shrubs and weeds and discovering a new form of life or wondering if they're long lost cat is stuck within.

I still have some more work that needs to be done and i will be in touch as soon as i am ready for the work to be undertaken. In the meae, I n timcan't wait to be able to recommend my friends and co-worker to you to be able to show off what a great gardener I know.

Clarissa and Mark Walton - Nutley Pippa Forde - Crawley
Thank you very much for sorting out two of the flower beds in our garden. You have done a fantastic joband transformed the look of the beds and left in a manner that we are now able to manage ourselves. We will arrange for you to come back to continue on the other areas of the garden during the autumn.
I just wanted to write and say what a smashing job you are doing on our "work in progress" garden you popped over to give us a quote for sorting out the patio and ended up managing our garden. Whilst you are working on the garden there is no disruption to my day as you are able to get on with what you think needs doing. You always leave me with something extra to think about to next time

Mark you are a star, always working hard, leaving the garden looking wonderful and no mess either, how do you do it?

Kevin is so pleased I have met you as it's been a busy year for him and the thought of just cutting the grass was bringing him out in hives, so I thank you on his behalf.

I am blessed i have met you as having my office at home means i can spend more time enjoying the garden, looking at your handy work and impressing my clients who a re none the wiser.

We can't wait for the bulbs to be sorted for Spring next time you are over.

Rebecca - Kingston
Ginko garden solution have made a huge difference to our large garden. Mark came to the house, and a good look around the, rather wild, garden. He advised me as to what needed doing, told me how long it would take and how much it would cost. He then he did exactly what he said he would do, in the time, for the amount quoted. He worked hard and quickly and the results are fantastic. He is a thoughtful and kind chap and a pleasure to have around. Thank you Mark. "
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